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Potsdam – It will be a while before the new creative quarter on the area of ​​the Alte Feuerwache is ready: the first section should be ready in autumn 2023. Project developer Christopher Weiß, one of the managing directors of the real estate company Glockenweiß, would like to make Potsdam’s creative minds more visible now. “Potsdam is so diverse, and there is a lot of great new music in the entire region that is simply not seen at the moment. We want to change that with a kind of small, regional Spotify, ”says Weiß.

This refers to the non-commercial online platform “KreativQuartier.Art”, which is due to be launched in mid-April. As with Spotify’s radio function, which randomly plays songs from different, similar bands, KreativQuartier.Art should be able to listen to different songs by Potsdam artists, which can be played like a kind of online radio broadcast to attract new bands to discover.

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Around 20 bands have already signed up

In order to equip the platform well, Glockenweiß calls on local musicians to send songs by email [email protected] send. The subject line should be “Kreativquartier-Musikplayer”. “We have already received a lot of submissions – from classical to jazz to punk and German pop,” says Weiß. Around 20 bands have already registered, the aim is to have around 50 to 60 songs, which should then be streamed continuously on KreativQuartier.Art, without advertising.

One of the first submissions was the new single “Invisible” by the Potsdam electro-pop duo John Apart. says Max Sterr from John Apart.

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Felix Noster and Maximilian Sterr (from left) are John Apart. Photo: promo

Filmmakers should shoot videos – without sound

In order to give the whole thing an optical component, the songs should be streamed together with small, randomly played video clips: For this purpose, filmmakers should produce small videos with a maximum length of five minutes. The videos must have no sound and can be thematically about Potsdam, but do not have to be. Ideas can be sent by email under the subject “Filmproduktion” [email protected] be submitted.

In addition to many other artists and cultural workers, bands with rehearsal rooms are to be accommodated in the new creative quarter, a use that is not possible in the neighboring data center. 800 to 900 square meters of the planned 8,000 square meters of usable space are therefore earmarked for rehearsal rooms, at nine euros per square meter. “The musicians in particular are suffering from the pandemic and we want to make them more visible,” says Weiß.

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