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Regional Championships in Mulhouse: five medals, three gold, for Christophe Maleau

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Tuesday July 6, 2021 – 11:24 am

The young swimmer from Longvilliers Club du Lamentin performed well this weekend at the Mulhouse regional championships and qualifies for the French swimming championships.

Christophe Maleau, known for his extraordinary challenges, continues to arouse admiration. This weekend, he won a good harvest of medals at the regional swimming championships of the Grand Est League.

-The young swimmer started with three medals for his first day of competition, Friday July 2: bronze medal in the 200m backstroke, silver medal in 100m backstroke and gold medal in 200m freestyle. He finished in style on Sunday with two new gold medals in the 400m freestyle and 800m freestyle.

A performance that earned him his qualification for the French championships, his next goal.

His commitment to the League against cancer

His results have earned him a spotlight on the Grand Est League on his Facebook page, qualifying his results “exceptional”. “Licensed in Martinique, Christophe is not only touching, he is an exceptional athlete. He distinguished himself by swimming to the island of Saint Lucia in Martinique (40km) in 13h50’47 ”, in support of his mother suffering from breast cancer and to all people suffering from this disease “.

True to himself, the young athlete also contacted the League to relay a message. Beyond his own results, what makes him “the happiest thing is being able to swim the 1.5 km in the 1st Alsatian open water competition in Ensisheim. The organization does me the honor of being a sponsor and will donate the money from the commitments to La Ligue contre le cancer.

For me, it is the best gift of the holidays. It is a cause that is particularly close to my heart. So, I would really like to thank the organizer for this gesture as well as my club Longvilliers club of Lamentin which allows me to live these experiences ”

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