Regio-Verkehrsverbund Freiburg recorded fewer passengers again in 2021 – Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district

According to the RVF, 20 million euros less were earned compared to the pre-pandemic year 2019. The digital tickets are well received and regular customers also remain loyal, according to the announcement.

The Regio-Verkehrsverbund Freiburg (RVF) has presented its annual report, which shows the sales figures for 2021. According to the RVF, the report is about the development in the network in the second year of the pandemic. The business figures are not satisfactory, according to the statement: In 2021, too, sales and revenue were characterized by the reluctance of passengers to buy.
Revenue continued to fall

Compared to 2020, revenue fell again by 1.2 percent. Compared to the pre-pandemic year 2019, according to the RVF, 20 million euros less…

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