Regina Todorenko was hospitalized in Indonesia with “hellish pain”

TV presenter and blogger Regina Todorenko had a big trouble during her vacation in Bali. The girl was hospitalized with a leg injury.

While the star mother with her son and her husband Vlad Topalov, who joined her, are in Indonesia, the host is engaged with a surfing instructor. But on December 30, a very unpleasant incident happened to her. While trying to catch a wave, Todorenko was injured.

At first, Regina did not attach much importance to what happened, despite the fact that her leg was cut with a reef (a piece of coral remained inside) and she received a serious blow from the surf. Nevertheless, what happened did not stop her from laughing at the situation and showing to subscribers Instagram the waves that caused her to suffer.

In the end, however, as the Region herself later said, “something went wrong.” The couple had to seek medical attention. As Tordorenko himself admitted, “my leg hurts like hell.” It turned out that she felt pain only two hours after the incident. She also has bruises on her arms and legs.

In one of the videos, Regina took pictures of herself lying on a gurney. Topalov was standing nearby. He claims that his wife “went surfing for the last time” and will not do that again.

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