Refusing to Wear Masks and Questioning Covid-19, This Pastor is Treated in the ICU

COEUR D’ALENE, – One pastor in Idaho, USA, which refuses to wear face mask and question Covid-19 reported being treated at ICU (intensive care room).

Paul van Noy, Senior Pastor at Candlelight Church in Coeur d’Alene has spent two weeks being treated for symptoms corona virus.

After he was diagnosed this September, his church was immediately closed, said ministry coordinator Eric Reade CNN.

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Apart from the pastor, his wife, Brenda, and five church staff members also tested positive for Covid-19, where they are now reported to have recovered.

In his statement released on Thursday (17/09/2020), Van Noy said that initially he felt that his condition was fine.

“But I still need a little oxygen, especially when I want to get out of bed,” he said as quoted by Friday (18/9/2020).

Quoted The Independent, he explained that he still had to be admitted to the ICU before being transferred to a normal room a few days later, only to be allowed to continue treatment at home.

Based on local government health data, Van Noy, his wife and five church staff were included in the 3,050 cases in Northwest Idaho.

Candlelight Church was closed in March to prevent the corona virus, before being reopened with a church in early May.

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In an online video on July 22, he said it was okay for people not wearing masks, insisting he “didn’t want to be ordered around”.

He also stressed that he would not obey the rules of the city which reminded him not to temporarily open a house of worship for the congregation.

“We at Candlelight enforce our freedom and are allowed to come without complying with the rules of the Pandhandle Health District,” he said.

In his upload on Facebook, Van Noy also falsely claimed that wearing a face covering would not stop Covid-19.

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Therefore, he called on his congregation to ignore and not care about how dangerous the virus, officially named SARS-Cov-2, is.

But after being diagnosed positive, his wife posted a sentence saying he “humbly” admitted to being exposed to the corona.

“Some of my friends are also suffering. But the most serious thing is my husband is being treated in the ICU. Please, don’t take this disease lightly,” she said.

Even so, on Sunday last week (9/13/2020) the church was still open Pastor Van Noy asked his congregation to continue to worship there.

“I want to give all of you the courage to stick together as usual, and don’t let anything get in your way,” he explained.

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