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The bars on average will receive a refreshment of around 2,941 euros, but can remain open until 6pm.
For a cinema, however, the amount will double compared to that requested in the past, reaching, on average, € 17,667. For a small gym, the benefit will be around 4,050 euros.
The Ristori decree arrived in the Gazzetta in the middle of the night and has already entered into force.
There are many measures envisaged that for hedges will also have the effect of increasing the deficit that Italy expects to reach this year from 10.5 to 10.7%, while remaining below the 10.8% authorized ‘overrun’. from Parliament. Among the new rules, not only non-repayable aid for businesses, but also some innovations that will make it possible to face the difficulties that Covid causes on the school front. In this way, another 85 million arrived to give PCs and digital devices for distance learning on loan to students in difficulty. It is estimated in the technical report that they will be used to provide 283,461 personal computers and connectivity to 336,252 students who do not.
A norm then comes to meet families who find themselves facing a school in fits and starts. Thus, the smart working that previously could be autozzato for those who had children up to 14, now rises to 16. In the case of suspension of teaching activities, then, it is possible to obtain an abstention from work which, between the age of 14 and 16 of the child, is however not remunerated with 50% of the salary. There is also a measure to make Immuni more functional, a national call center along the lines of what has already been done in Germany.
But certainly the heart of the law is that of non-repayable refreshments for businesses.
“The non-repayable grant recognized by the Italian government reaches up to 150,000 euros and on average is 14,000 euros, so it is more generous than the contribution that the French government recognizes to companies”. This was underlined by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Antonio Misiani, in Porta a Porta speaking of the refreshment points.

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There are 53 categories identified, but in the decree there are also 50 million that could be allocated to further sectors. The rule follows that of the Relaunch Decree so that those who have already obtained the benefit will automatically receive it from the Revenue Agency by mid-November. But, depending on the type of company, this will be ‘increased’, only Taxi and NCC will receive 100% of what they already had. There are 38 types of businesses that will receive a double, from restaurants to swimming pools and gyms. For bars and pastry shops, but also for hotels, tourist villages, hostels, shelters, refreshments will be 150%. The Ministry of Economy made a first estimate. To receive the largest amounts are activities such as hotels or cinemas or restaurants. A hotel with more than five million euros in turnover could get 110,000 euros, while cinemas with revenues between 400,000 and one million euros will receive on average 17,667 euros, double the 8,833 euros previously received. Restaurants that have revenues between 400 thousand and one million euros will have on average 13,920 euros. The other refreshment points are based on the different types of closure. A bar with less than 400 thousand euros in revenues will take an average of 2,941 euros, a gym 4,056 euros, an ice cream parlor 3,482 euros. If taxis receive around € 1,026 (the same amount as in the past), the activities that will have the most help will be discos. For them the multiplier is 400%, four times the € 2,898 received in the past: an average of € 11,592.

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