Reformed churches let in more than 200 believers

Hundreds of believers attended services this morning in churches in Barneveld and Krimpen aan den IJssel. More than 200 believers came together in the Barneveld Rehoboth Church. The church is thereby ignoring the urgent advice of the government to admit a maximum of thirty people there as well.

The church had invited about 250 churchgoers to a service, reports Gelderland broadcaster. Last week there were 450 per shift. “All RIVM guidelines for health are strictly adhered to,” said a spokesman for the church. When entering the church, most of the believers wore a face mask. Disinfecting hands was mandatory.

Under the current corona rules, there is an upper limit of thirty people for gatherings, but an exception applies to religious gatherings based on the law. Nevertheless, the cabinet asked churches to abide by the rule.

The Gereformeerde Gemeente Barneveld-Centrum held three services last Sunday, where 400 to 450 people were present at a time. Earlier there were three times 600 people in the church.

Plenty of space

The Mieras Church in Krimpen aan den IJssel was also closed this morning, according to a reporter from Rijnmond visited by about two hundred people.

Church administrator Arjan van Vliet of the Reformed congregation explains the choice of this church. “We want to keep God’s word so as not to forsake the gatherings.” According to him, there is also enough space for two hundred visitors to maintain sufficient distance and the other guidelines of the RIVM are taken into account.

Normally six hundred people can attend the church. “We have such a big church. With two hundred people in it, you almost need binoculars to see each other.”

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