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Do you remember that in the fall we talked about the filming of the Aeterna series – a large-scale fantasy project based on the novels of Vera Kamsha? First talked about the crew and the creators’ vision, and published a teaser of the project (although it’s more correct to say a concept teaser).

The good news is the filming of the pilot has begun filming the first season. They plan to finish them in 2021. The team shoots in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and after the borders are opened, the group hopes to continue working in Europe. According to BC, they managed to shoot several full-scale scenes in the fall, and from January 13, filming will continue at the Lenfilm studio – there they erected large-scale scenery for the city of Agaris, as well as the Laic school of squires and the Palazzo Matilda and Aldo Racan.

Recall that the producers of the series Yevgeny Baranov and Yevgeny Rene plan to shoot five seasons of ten episodes each.

The script was written by Sergei Yudakov (“The Great”, “The Legend of Kolovrat”, “Earthquake”, “Brownie”). Director – Evgeny Nevsky (“Interns”, “There are only girls in sports”). Director of photography – Alexander Simonov. The production designer is Anastasia Karimulina, who has worked on several films by Alexei Balabanov, as well as on the films “The Story of a Purpose” and “The Little Humpbacked Horse”. The costume designer is Natalia Belousova, a student of Sergei Struchev (permanent artist Nikita Mikhalkov), one of the best specialists in historical costumes in Russia.

In the roles:

Roque Alva – Yuri Chursin (“Portraying a victim”, “Supermanager, or the Hoe of Fate”, “Mistresses”, “Capercaillie in the Cinema”, “Poirot’s Failure”, “Palmist”, “Mosgaz”, “Kept Women-2”, etc.).

Queen Katarina Ollar – Yulia Khlynina (“Call Center”, “Method 2”, “Lev Yashin. Goalkeeper of my dreams”, “Buy me”, “Selfie”, “The Legend of Kolovrat”, “Duelist”, etc.)

Lionel Savinyak – Kirill Zaitsev (“Silver Skates”, “Upward Movement”, “Kop”, “Trotsky”, “Gogol”, “Gogol. Terrible Revenge”, “Godunov. Continuation”, “The Last Hero. The Root of Evil”)

Magnus AristideAndrey Smolyakov (“Moving up”, “Plant”, “Coach”, “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive”, “Rodina”, “Mosgaz”, etc.)

Rupert FelsenburgLeonid Bichevin (“Union of Salvation”, “Kept Women”, “Walking Through the Torment”, “Morphine”, “Chagall-Malevich”, “Podsadnoy”, “Closed Spaces”, “Trigger”, etc.)

Father HermanSergey Gilev (“Chiki”, “Policeman from Rublyovka in Beskudnikovo”, “Coma”, etc.)

Cardinal Sylvester: Yuri Belyaev (“Godunov”, “Sleepers”, “Anna Karenina”, “Once in Rostov”, “Countess de Monsoro”, “Once I Lied”, “Moonzund”, etc.)

August Stantzler – Peter Semak (“The Last Hero”, “Fireman”, “Chevengur”, “Demons”, “Putin”, etc.)

Aldo Rakan – Anar Khalilov (“Icheri Sheher”, “Dance with me”, “Another me”, etc.)

Robert Epine – Pavel Krainov (“Barabbas”, “Podolsk Cadets”, “Servant”, “Mysterious Passion”, etc.)

Richard Oakdell – Denis Nurulin (“Rogue”, “Fallen Leaves”, “Bezsonov”, etc.)

Enniol: Kirill Kozakov (“Studies on Freedom”, “Mysterious Passion”, “Heart of the Storm”, “Calculator”, “The Fifth Guard”, etc.)

Iris Oakdell – Varvara Komarova (“On the moon”)

Mirabella Oakdell – Ulyana Lukina (“Let’s Make Love”, “Ruslan”, “Postmedia”, “St. George’s Day”, etc.)

Egmont Oakdell – Vladislav Reznik (“Union of Salvation”, “Alien Child”, “Love with a Risk of Life”, “Golden Autumn”, etc.)

Count Larak: Alexander Yatsko (“Anna Lead”, “Dog”, “Purely Moscow Murders”, “Pioneer Heroes”, “Closed School”, “Mozart”)

Mallit – Valentina Lyapina (“The right to choose”, “Wolf”, “Peace. Friendship. Chewing gum”, “Memorio”, “Midwife. New life”, etc.)

Leopold Manric – Arthur Beschastny (“Dovlatov”, “One Day in Ivan Denisovich”, “Watchman”, “Cold Tango”, “Mysterious Passion”, etc.)

Walter Pridd – Veniamin Smekhov (“Casanova in Russia”, “Mafia: a game for survival”, “Bones”, “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”, etc.)

This is how the synopsis sounds:

The world is on the verge of the Break of the Ages. Busy with their wars and intrigues, people have forgotten the covenants left to them by the Gods of the past, and are not able to realize that the catastrophe is very close. Duke Richard of Oakdell, Lord of the Rocks and son of a dead rebel, enters Laik’s squire school. His goal is to return the former glory to his ancient family and avenge his father. On the other side of the world, in the sacred city of Agaris, the Lord of Lightning Robert Epine helps the king in exile Aldo Rakan to regain the throne of his ancestors …

Reflections of Eterna: Filming Begins for Season 1 4

BK adds that the authors of the series have prepared a lot of props, including costumes and armor. The European museum exhibits of the mid-16th – mid-17th centuries were taken as a basis; steel copies of armor weighing from 10 to 18 kg were made from them, which were later used as a mold for plastic copies. The props are handled by a professional gunsmith. In total, more than 100 units of various pyrotechnic weapons (muskets, pistols, etc.), as well as more than 150 units of models of cold weapons (spears, swords, broadswords) are used on the shooting in battle scenes.

Reflections of Eterna: Filming Begins for Season 1 3

The series’ team still does not disclose the channel or streaming service that ordered the series. From additional materials on the English site (perhaps also part of the pitching for partners), you can find out that the team focuses on fans of grimdark fantasy (“Game of Thrones”) and alternative history (“The Man in the High Castle”).

And in mid-January, Vera Viktorovna on her Facebook toldthat sent the next part of the cycle:

Proofreads have been sent, accepted, and discussed. More than a million and a quarter of signs were eaten with giblets for five days. And these five days have to catch up, because I fell out of two parallel charts.

Accordingly, the network asceticism continues until about Monday. But then I’ll say something.

Yes, a cover sketch was promised this week.

Reflections of Eterna: Filming Begins for Season 1 2

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