Reflecting on the WhatsApp and Eiger Cases, How Should Brands Respond to the Characteristics of Social Media Users? All pages – In the era social media, issues can quickly go viral and attract attention.

All kinds of information overlap and flash in an instant on social media timelines.

The potential of social media to share information quickly has not gone unnoticed brand-brand product owner.

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They began to use social media to campaign and market their products, as well as interact with the public.

However, it is not uncommon blunder in this public communication strategy, so brand failed to achieve a positive image and instead bombarded with negative sentiments by the public.

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WhatsApp left by user

One of the phenomena of negative sentiment from the public is WhatsApp, which in early 2021 announced that it would update its Terms and Privacy Policy, which deals with managing user data.

One of the points of the new policy is to integrate WhatsApp user data with Facebook, which is the parent company.

The plan to update this policy has drawn mixed reactions from users of the chat application.

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Some think their privacy will decrease with the existence of this new policy.

As a result of the new policy plan, many users have started to look at chat applications from WhatsApp competitors, such as Telegram and Signal, which are considered to be more serious about ensuring the security of their users’ privacy.

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Eiger vs youTuber

Eiger Statement Letter

Meanwhile, negative public sentiment has also recently been felt by brand equipment outdoor, Eiger.

Brand from Indonesia, the public has been discussing a lot about their objection letter to a YouTuber who reviews their product.

Eiger criticized the video quality review a product made by YouTuber Dian Widiyanarko, even though the content is made by himself or not endorse.

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Not receiving an objection letter from Eiger, Dian then expressed her complaint through her social media account. Dian’s complaint then caught the attention of netizens, and made the problem go viral.

The hashtag #Eiger also sits at the top trending topic Twitter Indonesia from Thursday (28/1/2021) to Friday (29/1/2021).

Almost all comments regretted the steps Eiger took.

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Changing media landscape

Responding to the phenomenon of negative sentiment towards two big brands, Eiger and WhatsApp, lecturer of Communication Science at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Fajar Junaedi said, brand should be adaptive to the changing media landscape.

According to Fajar, in the era of analog media (print and broadcast), the position of media institutions was very strong compared to the audience.

“Different conditions occur in the digital era, where media and audience interactivity occurs more dialogically and simultaneously, the position of the media as an institution is not as strong as it used to be,” Fajar said when contacted., Friday (29/1/2021).

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Quoting the opinion of a mass communication expert, Prof. Dennis McQuail, Fajar said that social media in this digital era is marked by several things, namely:

  • Interactivity between users and sources and fellow users.
  • Social Presence (sociability), the presence of users due to personal contact with other users of the medium.
  • Media Richness, the media can bridge differences in terms of reference, reduce ambiguity, give more cues, engage more senses and are more personal.
  • Autonomy, the user can control content and usage and is independent from the source.
  • Playfulness, where the media is useful as a means of entertainment and enjoyment.
  • Privacy, where there is freedom of use of the medium and / or content.
  • Personalization, the use of the medium is personal and unique.

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The importance of decision making based on research

According to Fajar, deep the Eiger case and WhatsApp, second brand it fails to understand the characteristics of digital media users, as McQuail has outlined.

He said both failed to understand aspects autonomy, where users can control content and usage and be independent of the source.

Not only that, Fajar also mentioned brand failed in understanding aspects privacy, where there is freedom of use of the medium and / or content.

“This is what shows the importance of literature review or research by brand by using academic literature in decision making, “said Fajar.

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Infographic: 5 Points of Clarification for WhatsApp regarding its New Policy


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