Referendum on the cut of parliamentarians, tip of the scales for the parties and the legislature

The Face of the no, however, it has expanded both in the number of faces and in their notoriety. In Milan, in Piazza Sempione, a transversal front is parading: from Emma Bonino to Carlo Calenda, from Giorgio Gori to Deborah Bergamini. All to say no to a reform which, they underline, “is a fiction and leads to a Parliament of very faithful”.

Di Maio did everything he could not to fall into Matteo Renzi’s mistake: personalizing the referendum. “The yes unites all the voters. Pd, Lega, Fdi and M5s want it, it is not a referendum on us “, repeats the Foreign Minister, on this Friday when, to accompany him, are some of the loyalists, from Laura Castelli and Francesco D’Uva, up to Luigi Iovino and Iolanda Di Stasio.

On the stage in Naples, however, on Thursday evening there was half the M5s government, as if to provide a plastic representation of a new staff of the Movement. But, perhaps, also because the referendum is a crossroads for the legislature. The victory of the yes locks it at least for a few months, making one mandatory new electoral law. Law that, the yes front, would like to be proportional. Starting with the 5 Stars, which, in the next few days, will also ask for a ban on applying to colleges other than those to which they belong.

In Milan, however, the air is that of trench in favor of the Constitution but not only. “Too many things mark the hegemony of the M5s on the government agenda. I hope that a strong no can come a push for a Pd with more pride”, underlines Gori, one of the most critical of Nicola Zingaretti’s management, who on yes the referendum went in the opposite direction of the “founding fathers” Walter Veltroni and Romano Prodi. But in the majority there are those who, like Iv, beyond Matteo Renzi’s indication of freedom of conscience, push for the No in the light of the sun.

And Maria Elena Boschi, the former godmother of the reforms, shrugs off: “I don’t say as a vote”. While in the center right, if Forza Italia definitely turns to No and Matteo Salvini remains faithful to the yes in a divided League, Giorgia Meloni on the one hand says yes to the cut but on the other warns: the victory of the no would be “a signal for the government”.



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