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Reduce mortgages sharply. Who does not necessarily need real estate right away, until quite soon you will not only go for cheap mortgages, but also real estate


Coronavirus crisis nepin jen sam patn at first. And it’s not just cheap fuel.

For the first time since last year’s arrest in June, we could talk about a really flat discount hypotk. From June 1, the dream of St. hypoten rates Komern bank. It has thus joined other large banks, which have recently taken a similar step. Banks were added in June, and a wave of discounts took place. And don’t even in July. And not even in August.

U ptiletch fixac ticetiletch hypotk offer the lowest rate mBank, a to 1,69 procenta. UniCredit Bank is only slightly expensive, at a rate of 1.79 percent. Below two percent with this fixation, offer St. mortgages jet tak Banka yarn, Oberbank and first change Komern bank.

Ke snen rates below border two percent of these banks took refuge as a result koronavirov crisis, which mediates the dreaming of thorns years rates, from them banks derive St. hypoten rates. Zlevovn hypotk thus releasing the recommended recommendation for the provider hypotk in the floor esk nrodn banka. The domestic central bank repeatedly resorted to it this year in the first half of the year, so first as a result koronavirov crisis.

Before the coronavirus crisis, some of the banks last offered mortgages with five years fixation for it not two percent year arrested in 2018. Large bank type Komern Bank these mortgages offered for me less than two percent last at the end of 2017. It is possible, e mortgages today they are the cheapest in 2.5 years.

It is likely that e mortgages they will discount even below. Of course, banks will not say this in full, because it would encourage potential clients to mortgage go out. But this is exactly the most sensible approach now. Who property he really doesn’t need you right now, he should wait with her position. A s mortgage so. In a year at this time they will be both real estate, yes mortgages noticeably cheaper not today. lovk so uet teba statisce za samotnou property and you and thousands on msn spltce mortgages.

The cheapest for thirty years mortgages on the Czech market first (ptilet fixation), on July 14. 2020, In percent:

1. mBank 1.69

2. UniCredit 1,79

3. 1.88 banka yarn

4. Oberbank 1,94

5. Komern bank 1,99



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