Reduce another car, drive through the water, do not listen, fall into the canal basin, stuffed to death 2, great 1

Two young women and three children drove to the water at Klong Si Yat Reservoir, Tha Takiab District, Chachoengsao Province, and tried to drive across an old road that was flooded. The villagers shouted that the water was high but did not listen and fell into the canal, died 2 survived, Miss 8 years old, lost, still cannot be found.

Time 3 p.m. on Dec. 31, Mr. Kriengsak Good luck Tha Takiab District Sheriff, along with Lt. Col. Pipat Puang Phae, Ph.D. Tha Takiab Police Station Go into the area of ​​Baan Koh Krating, Khlong Takera Subdistrict, Tha Takiab District, Chachoengsao Province after being informed by villagers that There are five Suzuki Swift sedans, the car will lose the main balance. Falling into the water In the area of ​​the shortcut route, Khlong Si Yat Reservoir Which is the old 3259 highway that the villagers used to travel between the Tha Takiab district To Tha Takiab Hospital

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The scene is a long way across the Khlong Si Yat Reservoir, the road surface is flooded with water from the reservoir, about 30 cm high, and there are some places with a water depth of up to 1 meter. 19 and Ban Ko Krating, Village No. 13, in the flood season, the villagers will know each other well. And do not use this road Because there is flooding throughout the distance for about 2 kilometers

Mrs. Lei Panthong, who witnessed the incident Villagers who were fishing in the area said they had yelled at the car warning. That don’t drive over Because the water level is high But the driver still tried to drive, was skeptical, just less than 5 minutes saw a sedan floating down the water. People in the car climbed out But refusing to let the car go, sticking to it until it drowned, so everyone released the car and tried to swim back to the shore.

Subsequently, Police Lieutenant Colonel, which averaged three children, Deputy Sen. Tha Takiab Police Station. To check the accident scene Two survivors were found, Miss Wan Phataprom, aged 16, and Ms. Virat Tapaprom, aged 13, while the two deaths were Ms. Panidataprom, 30, and Wiratchaya Khammook, 6 years old. In addition, Kratiptaprom’s 8-year-old knife was lost in the water.

Know that all the cars have driven and taken. Come to play in the water at the scene Then tried to drive across to the other side But was hit by the wave and hit the road Into the reservoir The person in the car tries to get out of the car. And pull the car But strong currents Causing the car to be blown away by water Along with an 8-year-old girl who is now seeking a way to recover the car from the water

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