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Reddit has banned the controversial subreddit The_Donald. Also 2000 other subreddits can no longer be visited. The social network expanded its rules around hateful content after several subreddits protested last week.

Reddit has to be content policy updated. The main policy change is that sub-forums promoting ‘hate based on identity or vulnerability’ are no longer allowed. The first line of the new policy is now ‘Remember the human’, which should remind users that the site is not intended to harm individual users or vulnerable groups.

Reddit has also added a new rule that summarizes the previous rules around prohibited behavior. It is striking that ‘malicious attempts to disrupt other communities’ is no longer allowed. Other rules have been made clearer and more extensive.

Reddit-ceo Steve Huffman says that the social network has banned about 2000 subreddits. The vast majority of them were inactive. According to Huffman, only 200 of those subreddits had more than ten daily active users.

The most notorious subreddits banned are The_Donald, a large pro-Trump forum, and ChapoTrapHouse, a spinoff forum of a popular left-wing political podcast.

Both subreddits are said to have broken the new rules regularly, Huffman says. The_Donald is said to have left more than average posts that break the first line, but has also harassed other users and subreddits. The moderators of the subreddits would also have refused to follow the rules. The same would have happened with ChapoTrapHouse.

The_Donald in particular has always been a controversial forum on the site. A few years ago it was one of the largest online strongholds of supporters of the President, but its users often went very far by glorifying violence and interfering in other forums, also known as brigading mentioned. Despite this, Reddit never banned the forum. However, the site decided last year quarantine the subreddit. That means it was harder to read the posts. Since then, many users have gone to other sub-forums and alternative websites. There were few active posts on The_Donald.

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Other forums that have been banned focused a lot on vulnerable groups. The subreddits Soyboys, Cumtown, Gendercritical and DarkHumorandMemes, among others, have been banned.

Reddit seems to respond to the recent sentiments on the platform with the new rules. In recent weeks, several subreddits went ‘black’. This happened after the death of black American George Floyd and the subsequent protests. Moderators and users complained about Reddit’s weak hate speech policy. They found that the network took too little action against the worst offenders, such as The_Donald.

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