Home Entertainment Red from "Ivanushki" flew to Bali for the romance with the actress

Red from “Ivanushki” flew to Bali for the romance with the actress

Stars “burned” at the check-in in one hotel.

The stars of the Russian show business are now relaxing in the warm islands. So Grigoryev-Apolonov was no exception, and went to winter in Bali. It is interesting that he settled in the same room as actress Nastasya Samburskaya. Really, the redhead from “Ivanushki” flew to the island for the sake of an affair with the actress? It is likely, because he recently divorced, and even known for his love of loving. Yes, and Nastasya herself seems to have prepared for the arrival of the singer, since her friend Rudova, with whom the actress lived in the hotel, flew home. The artists try not to reveal their connection and do not talk about communication, but they already “burned” at the check-in at one hotel, as they posted almost the same stories on Instagram.

Heat, beach, Samburskaya: Appolonov could hook up at the hotel to the actress at her request. After all, Nastasya is now bored, her friend flew away, and she no longer has friends in Bali. She could find out about Andrei’s arrival and knock him out to check into her hotel. Or the couple could have planned everything in advance, and the redhead from the Ivanushki immediately settled in the place of the departed Rudova.

If this is all an accident, then a romance may flare up between the stars. The lack of acquaintances, a common field of activity and a similar sense of humor – all this will serve as fastening factors for their spa romance.



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