Red Cross opens giro 7244 for food aid during corona crisis | NOW

The Red Cross opens giro 7244 for food aid during the corona crisis. The aid organization wants to use the money to provide at least 3,000 people in the Netherlands with at least one meal a day.

These are people who have lost income due to the corona crisis and who no longer have money for food. “Many undocumented or migrant workers who do undeclared work, for example as a cleaner or in the catering industry, lost their job during the corona crisis,” says a spokesperson for the Red Cross.

The aid organization also provides support to homeless people and families who can no longer make ends meet due to loss of income during the crisis.

“We have been helping with food packages and shopping cards since May,” said the spokesman. “Now that the crisis continues and more and more people are short of money for a meal, we have to scale up our aid.”

Distributed 25,000 food parcels since May

The Red Cross has distributed some 25,000 food parcels and 25,000 shopping cards since May. With such a card, people can go to the supermarket themselves to choose food. “We want to be able to continue to support people until the end of the year, mainly through shopping cards.”

Amnesty International estimates that there are several tens of thousands of people living in the Netherlands without a valid residence permit. They often cannot or do not want to accept help from regular authorities because they are not legally residing in the Netherlands.


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