Red Circle publishes the story ‘A bunch of magic caps’ to encourage empathy and camaraderie


The Crculo Rojo publishing house has published the children’s story ‘A bunch of magic caps’, whose protagonist is five years old and can’t adapt to his new school, although his story will highlight that “thanks to empathy and camaraderie everything can improve “.

As indicated by the self-publishing stamp in a note, the author was inspired by the idea that “someone could use it in their classroom or give it away with the aim of helping the little ones develop much-needed values.”

From her point of view as an Early Childhood Education teacher, the author tries to do her “bit in terms of materials and resources” for the training of the little ones. The publishing firm values ​​the story of Julia in this way, “a girl who ends up adapting to her school thanks to her teacher and her classmates.”

“Julia doesn’t finish adjusting to her new school and she spends her days angry. One day, her teacher comes up with a great idea to solve this problem: a bunch of magic caps, together with the camaraderie and empathy of the other children, They will make Julia feel comfortable and happy”, exposes the synopsis of the work.

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