Red Bull Racing ‘thrown on the receipt’ in New York

Red Bull was briefly in New York for a promo, but the costs quickly rose for Max Verstappen’s team. The unhappy Sergio Perez received his fine after parking incorrectly, as can be seen in the video on Twitter.

The Red Bull Racing promotion team is known for often trying to do something in the country where the Grand Prix is ​​held. When the Grand Prix of the Netherlands was due to take place last year, we saw the cars tearing around on a quay in The Hague, but also in the port of Rotterdam and on the beach before arriving in Zandvoort.

Battle for world title

Next week the Formula 1 circus will descend on American soil. The fight between Mercedes and Red Bull will then resume. In the battle between the teams, Red Bull is thirty-six points behind Mercedes. Verstappen leads the drivers’ standings with a six-point lead over rival Lewis Hamilton.



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