Red Bull got into trouble in Germany and therefore puts Sébastien Buemi on the corona reserve bank

Sebastien Buemi will be the new reserve of Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri. The teams had Sergio Sette Camara, but he has left his role to compete in the Japanese Super Formula.

The Coronavirus also affects the Formula 1 circus. Teams, drivers and staff are preventively tested for the virus, if someone has it then that person is allowed to be in self-isolation and not in the paddock. Without a negative test you will not enter the paddock. The virus is spreading very quickly, a second wave has become a fact. In Formula 1, infections are also increasing, which is why the teams are looking for a reserve driver. If a driver becomes infected, he is not allowed to race and another driver must be on stand-by.

Sebastien Buemi will do that for the Red Bull teams. He will be on standby for the teams every weekend. If an AlphaTauri driver has the virus or is sick, he will take a seat there. If a Red Bull Racing driver (Max Verstappen or Alexander Albon) is sick or tests positive for the Coronavirus, one of the AlphaTauri drivers will pass. Pierre Gasly is the first choice, as he has the most recent experience with the team.

Problems at Red Bull in Germany

Red Bull ran into problems this weekend. Alexander Albon’s test had not gone entirely well, the test result was therefore not clear. Sergio Sette Camera would then have to come in, but the Brazilian was already on his way to Japan. Nico Hulkenberg was then called, although that did not seem necessary afterwards. A second test for Albon provided clarity, because he tested negative. Nico Hulkenberg was able to raid Racing Point, which had a sick driver. In the future, Sebastien Buemi will now come into action for the team.


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