‘Red Bull’ fails to ‘inflate elephant from flies’ and increase Hamilton’s penalty: F1LV Blogs

In love and war, all means are allowed. If Max Verstapen and Louis Hamilton had an accident between the bottom runners, the conflict would have subsided within two weeks. When the stakes are as high as the title of champion, the drama just keeps growing.

After the British GP experienced collisions, which resulted in Max Verstapen resigning but Luis Hamilton relegated to second position, the Mercedes driver was sentenced to 10 seconds. The Verstapen and Hamilton accidents did not stop Luis from winning the home stage.

Red Bull wanted to appeal the judges’ decision after the competition and called for a harsher penalty. Interestingly, Red Bull even used filming day with Alex Albon at the wheel to replicate Hamilton’s driving style for additional data using a 2019 model.

Red Bull team leader Christian Horners: “In these tests, we asked Alex to drive on the same trajectory to substantiate the data from the simulations to show where the rider needs to brake to make a turn on that trajectory. We couldn’t drive at the speed that Louis did. The conditions were quite similar. This was valuable to confirm what was seen in the simulations. ” After an analysis by the Red Bull team, Hamilton had to brake 23 meters faster to clear the turn altogether.

The Red Bull team presented the data to the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation), but GPS data and careful analysis comparing Hamilton’s trajectory choices with Max Verstapen and later Charles Clecker were not enough. It was decided that the new evidence was not strong enough to change the original verdict. This means that Hamilton has maintained his victory and no additional sanctions will be imposed on him.

Immediately after this announcement Mercedes team did not owe a reply and issued a statement stating:The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team decides to reject Red Bull Racing’s application to reconsider the situation. In addition to closing this case, we hope that this decision will put an end to the concerted efforts of Red Bull Racing’s senior management to tarnish Louis Hamilton’s reputation and integrity, including the documents submitted in their failed attempt to reconsider the situation..”

Will the Verstapen-Hamilton accident be a turning point in the relationship between the two superstars? “After the race, I called Max to find out if he was okay and said I still respected him. It may not be reciprocal, but it is acceptable, ”Explains Luiss Hamiltons.


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