Red Bull F1 “The Sidepod concept is only part of the puzzle”[]

The Mercedes F1 team is determining the basic “concept” of the F1 2023 car “W14”.

The 2023 Formula 1 car “concept” is a particular concern for seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, who almost certainly suffers more from his current car than from his new teammate George Russell. undeniable.

“Development happened very quickly and right now we are focused on expressing what we want from next year’s car,” said Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton says the designers of the Mercedes F1 team have already decided on the car’s key components, including brakes, front suspension and gearbox layout.

However, the Mercedes F1 team’s innovative “no side pod” idea was not followed by the more competitive Ferraris and Red Bulls, and the basic aerodynamic concept has yet to achieve victory.

“It has always been said that the fastest car is the one with the best concept,” said Andrew Shovlin, head of engineering for the Mercedes F1 team.

“As of today, it’s Red Bull.”

“It’s hard to say where next year will go and we certainly haven’t fixed the look of our car as a team.”

“We are still exploring different concepts and that process will continue for some time,” Shovlin added.

But Red Bull technical director Pierre Washet warned that catching up for the Mercedes F1 team won’t come simply by copying the dominant car’s sidepod concept.

“I don’t know if it’s the best concept or the worst concept. I think it’s just part of the puzzle,” said Pierre Washet.

“It is true that if you develop a car based on a concept and then change it, it becomes difficult to see the benefits.”

In general, most insiders agree that the brand new “ground effect” regulations that came into effect this year have improved wheel-to-wheel racing.

However, the goal of making the field more competitive has yet to materialize.

“It will take three to five years for the budget cap to really take effect,” Haas F1 team principal Guenther Steiner told Laola1.

“Only in this way will the teams become more evenly matched. At the moment the economic differences are still too great.”

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