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Red Bull F1 representative, adamant to political intervention “We are a racing team, not a political organisation”[F1-Gate.com]

Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner says Red Bull Racing has “never lost sight of its goals” for 2022 Formula 1, despite being embroiled in the various off-track political battles the team has had face up to. .

Red Bull Racing dominated both championships in 2022, with Max Verstappen taking his second drivers’ title with a record 15 wins in a season.

Sergio Pérez won two races and finished third in the championship, while Red Bull Racing secured the Constructors’ title with three races to go.

But Red Bull’s season hasn’t been without its setbacks. Notably when it received a $7 million fine and reduced aero testing over the next 12 months after violating its budget cap last year.

Red Bull has also contested plans to change its aero rules for 2023 in response to the passing issue, believing it was lobbying for concerns to help “certain teams”.

Asked whether the 2022 season has been one of the toughest political seasons F1 has faced, Christian Horner said: “We’ve had a solid roll off the track this year.

“We are a racing team. We are not a political party. We are focused on racing, we are hard runners and we are pushing the limits. This is what racing teams do if they want to be successful.”

“That’s always been our approach. It’s always worked for us. That’s how we enjoy the competition. I feel this year has been difficult at times. Unfortunately, this is F1.”

Red Bull got off to a slow start, suffering three retirements in the first three races, including a double retirement early in the season in Bahrain, but rallied in a battle with Ferrari and eventually won the development race in the second half of the season. season dominated.

Christian Horner believes Red Bull’s 1-2 finish at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in April was a key moment in putting pressure on Ferrari, who had led at the start of both championships.

“Our team did a great job of producing such a competitive car and rebounding after two DNFs in Bahrain where Ferrari scored a 1-2 finish,” Horner said.

“We never lost sight of our aim. By the time we got to Imola, we had won a sprint and a grand prix in our first 1-2 of the year, putting pressure on Ferrari and letting it breathe. I didn’t give it time

“We have continued to develop the car efficiently and have managed to reduce some weight and Max has been in sensational form this year. Looking back at some of the racing earlier this year, the first few races with Ferrari It was very tight, Miami, Saudi Arabia and even Bahrain”.

“It’s been a great season for us.”

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