Red Bull F1, “No” to Max Verstappen’s MotoGP tests[]

Red Bull F1 thwarted Max Verstappen’s attempts to test a MotoGP bike.

F1 world champion Max Verstappen, who attended Honda Racing THANKS DAY 2022 at Japan’s Motegi mobility resort last month, met MotoGP star Marc Márquez and rode his MotoGP bike.

“I love watching MotoGP and I love that there are so many teams capable of winning races. I think it’s fantastic,” 25-year-old Max Verstappen told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“These guys are crazy. It’s fascinating to see how strong they are with their whole body in motion. I’d love to test one of these bikes for the speed on the straights, the power of the bike.”

“The team won’t let me,” smiled Max Verstappen.

“Of course, even if I break my leg now, I’ll have time to recover,” Verstappen smiled again.

“I know myself very well,” commented Max Verstappen, who was advised to slow down on his bike to ensure safety.

“If you try, you’ll push. The problem is when something goes wrong.”

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