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Red Bull F1, FIA and talks on cost limit violation / violation agreement accepted[F1-Gate.com]

Red Bull Racing intends to negotiate an agreement with the FIA ​​(Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) under the Accepted Breach Agreement (ABA) for allegations of violation of the F1 2021 qualifying limit.

Indeed, the ABA would mean that Red Bull F1 has committed an infringement and accepted the penalties and conditions attached to it, but the benefits of the agreement would be dealt with quickly in any scenario involving a breach. Other teams cannot appeal.

The penalties will be financial penalties or some of the “minor sporting penalties” defined by the Financial Regulation.

“Minor sporting penalties” are reprimands, suspension from one or more stages of a competition (event) (excluding racing), restrictions on aerodynamics and other forms of testing.

Importantly, it does not include point deductions (drivers / constructors) or future maximum cost reductions for teams. This is because they are exempt from all financial penalties for violating financial regulations. Point deductions or future spending cap reductions are penalties that apply if a team is found guilty of a minor offense and the ABA disagrees.

If Red Bull F1 accepts the ABA, the FIA ​​will be required to detail violations, sanctions and enhanced monitoring procedures, but may omit “confidential information”. If the ABA is not agreed, the case moves on to the next stage, where it is assessed by the Cost Cap Adjudication Panel and any type of sanction is considered.

Red Bull F1 team boss Christian Horner will likely explain the team’s stance on the cost limit breach at a press conference in Austin on Friday, but that has yet to be confirmed.

However, given the timing, it is unlikely that an agreement will be reached before Christian Horner speaks at the press conference.

Since rumors of a Red Bull Racing cost limit breach first surfaced over the weekend of the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, Horner has insisted that he has full confidence in the team’s figures. presented to the FIA ​​in March.

The day after the Japanese F1 Grand Prix, the FIA ​​formally confirmed that Red Bull Racing was guilty of “procedural violations and minor overspending” after reviewing the documents submitted by all F1 teams.

While nothing has been officially confirmed by the FIA ​​or F1 teams, details are beginning to emerge about Red Bull Racing’s alleged overspending.

The total amount involved is believed to be approximately $ 1.8 million, which is within the 5% limit or the “minor violation” limit of $ 7 million.

Red Bull appears to violate several areas of the FIA’s financial rules. The financial regulations of the FIA ​​are regularly updated with changes published on the website or unpublished.

One is the division of catering costs between the factory and the circuit. Additionally, there are believed to be layoff and sickness issues related to key employees.

A problem directly related to the operating costs of F1 cars is the breakdown of the value of unused spare parts. They were delivered to the Heritage department at the end of the season and are being used in show cars and tests from model year 2021 in 2022, which is outside the budget limit.

It is understood that the FIA ​​clarified how such parts should be viewed by the teams in June of this year, three months after the F1 teams submitted their documents.

There are also UK specific tax issues, which are believed to be similar to procedural violations involving Aston Martin.

If Christian Horner speaks on Friday, he should provide further details on the team’s position in all areas.

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