Red and Processed Meats Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke, Warns Expert

Stroke is a hidden killer, claiming a new victim every five minutes in the UK alone.

This statistic is made worse by the fact that poor dietary choices can become the bedrock of this potentially fatal medical emergency.

According to Dr. Shereen Kassam, founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, the “main foods” that may put you at risk of stroke are two types of meat: processed and red.

From salting to curing, processed meats are altered in some way in order to preserve or preserve their flavour.

Processed meats include classics like sausage, while red meat is beef.

In addition to the doctor’s statement, the research published in the European Heart Journal also highlights this risk.

Looking at more than 400,000 participants from nine countries, the study identified foods associated with the risk of ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.

Even worse, having just 50g of red and processed meat eaten per day was associated with a 14% increased risk of ischemic stroke.

Dr. Shereen Kassam confirms that red and processed meats are linked to a whole host of health problems, from cancer to heart disease.

“For these unhealthy foods and beverages, there is no safe limit to the effect of a dose, the more you consume, the greater the risk,” she added.

2023-06-03 20:50:09

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