Recurrent Tonsil Inflammation Can Indicate AIDS: Doctor Warns of Potential Risks

A man’s tonsils repeatedly suppurated, and he was diagnosed with AIDS after the examination. The doctor revealed that one type of person would be repeatedly infected.

Inflammation of the tonsils should not be ignored and can be fatal. A man in Taiwan suffered from repeated suppurative inflammation of the tonsils. He thought it was a problem of low immunity to the Epstein-Barr virus. However, after a doctor’s examination, he was found to be infected with AIDS.

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Liu Pengchi, a family physician at Taiwan Shin Kong Hospital, shared a case in the program “Health 2.0”. He said that he once admitted a patient who went to see a doctor because of suppurative inflammation of the tonsils, but not long after that, he went back to the doctor again because of repeated suppurative tonsils. The patient said that he recovered from the inflammation during the period, but he did not fully recover, and still felt swelling and pain.

Because the doctor was worried about the patient’s low immunity, he took a blood test for him, and found that his mononuclear index was high. At first the doctor thought it was a problem with the Epstein-Barr virus, but after careful questioning, he found out that the patient was a homosexual, but the patient also said that he had safe sex. In the end, the doctor decided to conduct an in-depth examination to see if there was a special virus infection. It turned out that he was actually infected with AIDS, and the patient didn’t know it until then.

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Dr. Liu Pengchi said that such recurrent infections may occur in immunocompromised groups. He also mentioned that chronic tonsil inflammation can sometimes be combined with symptoms of acute infection. If the patient has a bacterial infection for more than 3 months, it may have potentially affected his immune system. If combined with a more serious acute bacterial infection, even Deep neck infection, which then affects the mediastinum cavity, will cause problems with multiple organs, including the lungs, heart, etc., and the mortality rate is as high as 80%.

In addition, if it is a physical infection, Dr. Liu Pengchi pointed out that tonsil stones are common, but few people will seek medical treatment for this, because the tonsils may be discharged by themselves after a period of time. There are also some people who use steroids and do not rinse their mouths well during the spraying process, which will cause changes in the oral immune system, and therefore have a chance of causing chronic tonsillitis.

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