Recovered from Covid-19, but still experiencing symptoms of shortness of breath, the doctor gives an explanation of the problem Reporter, Rina Ayu

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Shortness of breath is one of the symptoms experienced by sufferers Covid-19.

However, there are patients who complain hard to breathe post is negative.

Lung specialist from the Lung Hospital Dr HA Rotinsulu, dr Qamariah Laila Marsabessy, SpP gave his explanation in the Health Radio broadcast of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Monday (23/8/2021).

“The lungs were attacked by Covid-19 with severe symptoms and then they were given maximum treatment. Then they left scars, even though they recovered, they still left problems in the lungs,” he said.

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He said, not all positive patients still experience hard to breathe even if it’s healed.

“Not all are the same, leaving shortness of breath, not many of whom experience severe symptoms,” he added.

Illustration of Covid-19. (

The doctor, who is often called Ria, said that in treating patients, Covid-19, health workers in addition to focusing on saving patients, also greatly minimize post-treatment events.

Because, it is feared that it can cause problems in the lungs.

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