records the highest figure since 2010

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It seems that Covid-19 has not spread to the real estate market. The sector present in the province is in luck just at the moment when the last throes of the pandemic are being experienced. Malaga is in third place in the ranking of the number of mortgages for homes nationwide. Only Madrid and Barcelona are ahead.

Malaga registered 2,269 mortgages in March, with a value of 384,669,000 euros. Madrid pointed out 7,308 and 1,604,488,000 euros and Barcelona 5,572 and 993,444,000 euros. However, if we analyze the total data provided by the first term of 2022, the data for Malaga are 6,200 mortgages signed for housing, with a value of 1,087,238,000 euros. That is, they have an average value of 175.361 euros.

Malaga real estate is experiencing a brilliant time. The data corroborates it. If we take the quarterly data and look back in time it would be necessary to go back to the first quarter of 2010 to find a slightly higher number of mortgages signed for housing, with 6,714. In the case of a better economic figure, we would have to go even further, to 2008, with 1,754,391,000 euros. Even in this case, with 10,111 home mortgages, the average value is below the current one, being 173,513 euros.

The economic improvement in the post-pandemic is also considerably remarkable if we analyze the data for the year before and after the Covid explosion. In the first quarter of 2021, a total of 4,536 mortgages were signed with a value of 718.3 million euros. Before the arrival of the virus, in 2019, there were 4,565 signatures, for 672.3 million.

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