Recordings of ‘Family’ and ‘Home’ are temporarily stopped

The corona virus also temporarily pauses the filming of the popular daily TV series “Family” (VTM) and “Home” (One). Safety considerations for cast and crew lead the TV channels to this decision, incidentally after mutual consultation.

There are still enough episodes for the coming weeks to continue broadcasting “Family” until Friday, April 17. When the recordings are restarted is still being viewed. DPG Media is looking at what will happen to other productions that are planned.

“The health of the cast and crew is paramount. It is now of great importance to ensure that the spread of the coronavirus is contained as much as possible. It goes without saying that this will also have an impact on our program schedule in the long term. We are currently looking at how to make adjustments, ”says Dirk Lodewyckx, General Manager TV, Streaming and Radio at DPG Media.

Cancellations of locations

The recordings of “Home” will also be suspended until April 3. The daily fiction series continues on One. At the moment there are still episodes until April 17. For “stray game and poultry” the recordings will be stopped until April 3. Due to cancellations, for example of locations, it was decided to take a break here too. Other fiction productions of One are not in the recording phase and can therefore continue, according to the public TV channel.

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