Recorded by the camera, the hotel staff rummage through the personal belongings of the guests! Also drink beer


A traveler is not surprised. He saw a stick Hotel enter his room and do the unexpected.

The traveler has an arturbo86 account name on Tic knock. I call myself a Holiday Maker, this traveler stay in a hotel with various services.

Quoted by The sun, this traveler has just installed an additional security camera on his laptop. If a movement is recorded, he will automatically receive an email in the form of a video clip of the situation.


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This traveler left the hotel to try to see if his vacation would be safe this time. But he was shocked when he saw what was sent from his laptop camera at the time.

A video shows that a hotel staff member broke into his room. This staff seemed to see her stuff.


@ arturbo86 Our vacation got weird. I will not name the hotel as they handled this situation very well. Just be careful out there and use technology to your advantage. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t see the green light on my webcam. Next time, I’ll black it out. Again the app is called iSentry. There are others in the app store, but this one was able to send me email notifications when it detected motion. 10/10 would recommend. #Mexico #use #cancun #travel title #travel tips #travelhack #catturapredatore #rugged # messed up #arrested ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod and Kevin The Monkey

One by one they were searched, from their bags to the bedroom drawers. It seems that even this staff did not hesitate to open the safe drawer where valuables are usually kept.

What’s worse, this staff opened the minibar and stole a can of beer that was there. The minibar can usually be consumed for a regular fee. Really rude!

“I set it up to upload to Dropbox so I can log in when I’m not in my room,” he says.

This traveler admitted that this was the first time he installed a security camera and saw it. “This worries me,” he explained her.

As a guest of the hotel, he immediately reported to the interested parties.

The video was reported directly to the hotel. Management Hotel he immediately apologized and handled the situation as best he could. “Be careful out there and use the technology to your advantage,” he said.

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