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Record reached in the Premier League – VG

VILLA PARK (Aston Villa 1-1 Manchester City) Erling Braut Haaland (22) scored his 10th Premier League goal in the match against Aston Villa, but Manchester City still conceded two points in the game for the title.


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– Is very good. Erling was involved in the match and did well. He also had the opportunity to score more, coach Pep Guardiola (51) said at a press conference shortly after the match ended.

Haaland’s stark recognition came during his first six appearances. Similarly, only Michael Quinn (60) can prove it with his performance for Coventry in 1992. Over the past three decades, no other player has managed the same until the Norwegian copied the success at Villa Park on Saturday night.

SATISFIED: City manager Pep Guardiola met the press after the 1-1 draw at Villa Park with the club’s press officer, Alex Rowen, at his side.

“Good job hitting my 30-year record, let’s hope no one else beats us,” Quinn himself writes shortly after the game:

After a goalless first half, in which Aston Villa stopper Tyrone Mings (29) seemed to, among other things, pull Haaland’s ponytail in an attempt to knock him out, it took less than five minutes in the second first. that the young man stole the show again.

As Kevin De Bruyne (31) advanced along the right edge, Haaland retreated to the far post. His teammate’s next post matched perfectly with the Norwegian’s positioning and Haaland sent the visitors safely ahead.

– Their relationship is good, but football is not about one or two players. Our performance was good and better than the opponent. It’s difficult to play here, but with the chances we’ve created and the few we have suffered, it’s a shame not to have scored more, says Guardiola.

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0–1: Here Haaland shows up again.

After the goal, the City manager clenched his fist for temporary relief on the sideline as Haaland ran smiling behind the door of Aston Villa where the home fans looked at him badly. After an exultant run of over 40 meters, the 22-year-old from Bryne joined thousands of visiting fans from Manchester and got to see much happier faces.

With 10 netizens, Haaland has already become the biggest star of the reigning Premier League champion, helped by profiles like Bernardo Silva (28) and De Bruyne.

JOY: Haaland showed how happy he was for De Bruyne’s pass in the 50th minute of the match against Villa.

In the following period, City completely dominated the game. Haaland had another goal saved by Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez (30) before De Bruyne sent a free kick over the crossbar and out.

However, the home team of manager Steven Gerrard (42) never gave up. After 74 minutes, the effort also paid off. Douglas Luiz (24), who was heavily sought after by Arsenal on the last day of the transfer window but remained at the Birmingham club, won the ball in the City half.

After a short pass to Jacob Ramsey (21), he sent the ball farther along the grass on the opposite side of the 16-meter penalty area. There, teammate Leon Bailey (25) shot from the right faster than City full-back João Cancelo (28) and scored 1-1 from 14 meters away.

– In defense, I like everything. In attack, we have players who usually are Like this precise in the last third, but today they lose a lot of the ball. Here’s what can happen, Guardiola tells VG.

– We need to give Villa credit. They defend well inside and are aggressive. They are a good team, we knew that, but we had the opportunity to win. Unfortunately we lose two points.

The draw sparked the emotions of the 40,000 home fans present. In unison, overwhelming roars followed nearly every activity in the field and could likely be heard far beyond the venerable arena located just 10 minutes from Birmingham city center since its construction in 1897.

With about a quarter of an hour to play, Haaland prepared for kick-off. The Norwegian and his teammates tried to motivate each other for another goal that would have meant three points, but the Aston Villa players fought heroically. After 78 minutes, substitute Philippe Coutinho (30) also shot on goal, but referee Simon Hooper (40) had mistakenly declared offside before the ball crossed the line.

– I spoke calmly to the referees after the game. I asked for their point of view on the matter and I always try to understand it, but the referee exploded too soon, says the manager of the Villa Gerrard.

– They recognized him later in the referee’s locker room. I give him credit for it.

After the game, Haaland shook his head before calmly approaching the City fans and thanking them for their presence. In parallel, “Hi-Ho Aston Villa” resonated in the public amplification system with the audience singing along. 1–1 means Manchester City will remain in 2nd place. Villa is the penultimate.

– I’m usually a positive guy. We have lost control of some passages to Villa, but … as against Newcastle – we created a lot more of them and we were much better. But we lost four points away from home. However, nothing changes. We just have to move on, says Guardiola.

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