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Day of contrasts regarding the coronavirus in the province of Jaén. The latest data published on the website of the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of the Board show that in the last 24 hours two records have been reacheds, one negative, with more than 100 new infections; and another postive, with more than a hundred cures.

As for the positives, Wednesday has left 109 more confirmed by PCR going from the 3194 previous to the 3303 now. This rise almost triples to that registered yesterday when the new positives were 37. In addition, the total affected since the pandemic began already rises to 3,800. The cures are also experiencing one of their best days since 118 residents of Jaén overcame the disease yesterday with which there are already 2308 recovered.


Active outbreaks in the province have also been reported today. In total there are 24, sinceAccording to the daily statement sent by the Ministry of Health and Families, There are 15 from last week that are still active, to which are added nine new ones with 49 affected. Of these nine, there are five in Jaén Nordeste with 24 cases, in the district of Jaén there are two with 13 positives and in Jaén Norte another two, with 12.


Those hospitalized today remain at 50 of which eight, the most serious, are in the ICU. However, there is a significant upturn in accumulated hospitalized figures as conventional admissions rise by 11 up to 891, an increase higher than the immediately previous one. In addition, people in a more serious condition, those who have passed or are in ICUs overcome the psychological barrier of 100 by reaching 102. The only parameter that does not change is that of the deaths that follow in 199 after the death of a person in Torredelcampo was added in the previous part.

Distribution by localities

By municipalities, the Jaén Sur district has 14 new affected with four more in Alcaudete, Three in Alcalá la Real, Porcuna and Torredonjimeno they have two each while Friars, Martos and Lopera they add one in each population. In the sanitary zone of the capital, Jaén has 26, Jamilena seven and Huelma four. Torredelcampo and Mengíbar have two each, while there is one in Bélmez, La Guardia, Valdepeñas de Jaén, Los Villares and Espeluy.

Linares adds 28 cases on the last day followed by six in Andújar, five in Bailén, three in Villanueva de la Reina, two in LaHiguera and Marmolejo respectively and, finally, another three that are divided between Arjona, Arjonilla and La Carolina. Úbeda with seven, Siles and Baeza with two each and Ibros, Torreperogil, Canena and Rus register one case for each municipality; they complete the Jaén Nordeste district. In addition, there are six cases without assigning locality.

The healings

The high number of cures in the last day is significant, a total of 118. In South Jaén: Alcaudete (10), Martos and Porcuna, six in each locality; three in Torredonjimeno, two in Alcalá la Real and 1 in Castillo de Locubín. In the capital area Jaén appears with 29, Mancha Real with four, Huelma and La Guardia with 2 and one in Bélmez and Torredelcampo respectively.

On the other hand, Jaén Norte has 28 cures of which six are in Castellar; In Andújar and Villanueva de la Reina there are five in each locality. Complete the Marmolejo list with four; Linares (2), Vilches (2) while the last four are divided between Arjonilla, Bailén, Montizón and Santisteban. Finally, there are 23 patients in Jaén Northeast: Villacarrillo (9), Úbeda (6), Baeza (3), Villanueva del Arzobispo (2) and the remaining three are divided between Santiago Pontones, Bedmar and Cazorla.

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