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The Ministry of Health of Córdoba reported that this Saturday 87 new cases of coronavirus, of which 32 are domiciled in the capital city, 23 in Marcos Juárez (Marcos Juárez), 29 in Oliva (Tercero Arriba), two in Pampayasta (Tercero Arriba) and one in Colazo (Río Segundo).

Of the 32 cases in the city of Córdoba, 24 are linked to close contacts of previously confirmed patients in different neighborhoods of the capital, five are linked to a gerontological institution and three are under investigation, while the cases of Marcos Juarez, Oliva, Pampayasta and Colazo are linked to the epidemiological situation in these localities.

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On the other hand, this Saturday a case was notified to the National Health Surveillance System (SNVS) of a person who resides in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), but has a legal address in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. Thus, the accumulated total for the province of Córdoba is 1,198 cases.

From the start of the pandemic to date, PCR tests (swabs) were carried out on 100,974 people. This results in a rate of 26,851 residents studied with PCR for every million inhabitants. This day 3,248 studies were carried out, of which 3,039 are PCR and 209 serological tests.

The community transmission phase is maintained for the city of Córdoba.

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Since the start of the pandemic, 28,317 cases were reported in the province of Córdoba, of which 25,851 were discarded and 1,198 were confirmed.

Of these 1,198 people, 518 (43.24%) are in outpatient treatment with home isolation; 125 (10.43%) in outpatient treatment in intermediate institutions; 52 (4.34%) in hospital treatment (hospitalized), 39 (3.25%) died and 13 (1.08%) are under investigation because they correspond to cases with residence in other provinces and in Brazil, of whom not Information about your clinical status is told.

In relation to recovered persons (discharge), if we do not consider confirmed cases in the last 15 days, the discharge rate is 66%.

Operational identify

In order to develop active search strategies for suspected cases of Covid-19, the Identify Program Operations continue.

This Saturday they were held in the towns of Villa Dolores (San Javier), Marcos Juárez (Marcos Juárez) and Oliva (Tercero Arriba), where a total of 619 studies were carried out.

Of these 410 correspond to swab sampling (PCR) to those who had close contact with positive cases or had symptoms and 209 to serological tests within the framework of population sampling in these areas. The swab samples are being processed by the Central Laboratory of the Province.

Report by Fernando Barrionuevo.

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