Record figures for corona infections in the Netherlands, Austria, P …

Several European countries have reported record numbers of new corona infections.

In The Netherlands, with a population of 17.46 million, 6,504 new corona cases were reported between Friday and Saturday morning, another day record. The day before, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) had received 5,979 reports of positive tests. Initially there were 5,983, but that was adjusted on Saturday.

In the population of 38 million Poland it was also a new day record, for the fifth time in a row. The Ministry of Health reported that an additional 5,300 people have been diagnosed with the virus. Poles must also wear masks outside from Saturday.

In Czech Republic, which has about 10 million inhabitants, the virus is also spreading rapidly. The authorities announced on Saturday that 8,618 new infections have been identified. A record number of corona cases had also been reported in the past three days.

According to figures from the European health service ECDC, the Czech Republic leads the list of European countries with the highest number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Prime Minister Andrej Babis also does not rule out a new lockdown. Theaters, swimming pools, cinemas and museums must close their doors for two weeks this Monday.

Austria with more than 8 million inhabitants, Saturday reported a record number of 1,235 new infections. The country has been less affected than many other EU countries, but the virus spread earlier this year in winter sports areas. That’s why apr├Ęs-ski parties are banned.

Also in Russia more and more infections are detected. There it went on Saturday at 12,846 new corona cases, or the highest growth in 24 hours since the start of the pandemic in the country. The previous day record had only been broken on Friday. In Russia, with about 145 million inhabitants, 1,285,084 people have been diagnosed with infection, the highest number in Europe.


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