Reconciliation at the Weddings: “Come on,” Štěpánka snuggled after the argument

The noisiest of all was the quarrel of Štěpánka and Pavla. “You make everything a lot easier because you’re lazy! You’re a typical Czech! Only a jerk can do this,” Štěpánka started at Pavel to clean the household. The quarrel broke out because Pavel poured dirty water from the floor mop into a clean tub.

In addition, Pavel pulled out his trump card: “Look, this is our common hand towel. You will tell me who the pig is! It has make-up on it,” he waved a dirty towel in front of Štěpánka. Nevertheless, the couple finally reconciled, and at the end of the episode, they hugged and kissed again.

“Hello, my man, come on,” she hugged Pavel Stepanek just two days after the quarrel. They both decided to discuss Štěpánek’s explosion a little more. “I’m a bit of an ax type,” Štěpánka admitted. “It must be yours many times,” her husband confirmed. “The one you took me, the more you have me,” Štěpánka concluded the conversation.

Petra and René are still looking for a way to each other. “I came from a gym and no one at home. So I’ll read. 10 tips on how to become a better husband,” said René sadly. He bought a rose for Petra every day, this is probably not the way to her heart. “What am I supposed to do with you. Well, thank you, but I told you not to do it,” Petra told him.

The couple is still trying to find common ground. They went together to see a therapist who was trying to advise them. René doesn’t always have to throw himself in everything and push Peter. And she should try harder for change and learn to find compromises. Peta took the advice to heart and prepared a surprise for her husband. She made him meat for dinner, even though she didn’t eat meat and disgusted her.

With František and Natália, the situation depends mainly on the mood of the bride. František wanted to help her with her career and also borrowed a scooter so that Natálka could ride it, she wished it from the honeymoon. But one evening at their house there was a lot of unpleasant tension. Natálka didn’t come and František prepared dinner for her unnecessarily. But his mistress did not return from the party until late at night.

But they said it all and it seems that they are shining for better times. “She’s a completely different girl. You can have fun with her and it’s nice to spend time with her,” František wondered. “I guess we eliminated a communication problem because it really works between us,” Natália thinks. During the last walk, they even held hands together and both give the relationship a chance.

So far, Simona and Radek have enjoyed their honeymoon in Portugal to the fullest. Meanwhile, the sympathetic Simona sheds her groom’s tears with a smile. “It’s nice that you can feel that way,” she responded to his crying when Radek first saw the ocean.

But Radek couldn’t get over Simon’s sincerity that she didn’t like it. He left her alone on the beach and left indignantly. His tears didn’t wait long again. The couple has also returned from their honeymoon and enjoyed the first evening with a guitar and singing on the balcony. “It was definitely a very nice start,” Simona added.

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