Recommended hospitals: Top 100 hospitals in Germany

list of stellar clinics
These are the top 100 hospitals in Germany

These are the recommended hospitals in Germany

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The dimension stern-Clinic List gives you more than 2000 recommendations in 40 categories. The lists were created in collaboration with the independent research institute MINQ. The Charité Berlin was awarded the best hospital in 2022.

It has a proud history and employs famous researchers such as virologist Christian Drosten: the Charité Berlin. But the patient services are also outstanding. This is demonstrated by the new STERN hospital ranking, in which the Charité takes first place. The large study was created in collaboration with Munich Inquire Media (MINQ), an independent research company whose team of doctors, journalists and database specialists has been compiling renowned directories of medical specialists and clinics for more than 20 years.

The top ten also includes the university hospital Schleswig-Holstein (2nd place), the LMU hospital Munich (3rd place), the university hospitals in Dresden, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Leipzig, Hamburg-Eppendorf and the Rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich and the University Hospital of Tübingen.

In the ranking of the 100 best hospitals in Germany, medical reputation has the most weight at 70%. To this end, 40 different departments were surveyed, from Alzheimer’s stations to dental clinics. The evaluation is based on detailed, personal and confidential interviews with the doctors. Reciprocal online recommendations of clinics were not taken into account due to lack of validity. For the patient perspective, the “white list” ratings of health insurance companies were considered. Only the above-average positive feedback from patients who have actually been treated counts here. The quality reports prepared by the hospitals serve as an additional source. The research on the certificates of specialist medical societies (e.g. cancer centres) was particularly extensive. The “Mani Pulite” campaign was evaluated for its hygienic aspect. In addition, hospitals were given the opportunity to complete a specialist questionnaire.

You can find the entire list of aft clinics and the associated methodology here.

These are the top 100 hospitals in Germany:

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