Recommendations for preventive veterinary medicine after confinement


The Preventive Medicine Study Group (GEMP), together with some professors of this subject, have drafted a text that includes a series of recommendations for clinical veterinarians in France, aimed at promoting an improvement in acts related to this discipline. The coordinator of this work has been Dr. Ludovic Freyburger.

Professor Freyburger, director of Veterinary Training at SantéVet, is a veterinarian, a doctor of immunology, a leave of absence from the Veterinary School of Lyon (VetAgro Sup), a consultant in Preventive Medicine and president of the GEMP.

The text is based on the guidelines that the WSAVA advises for the vaccination of dogs and cats and responds to all the situations that professionals find themselves with since the beginning of the lack of confidence.

Given that the vaccines available in Spain are largely the same as those sold in France, and that the pathologies against which veterinarians in both countries vaccinate are practically identical, the technical note is also valid in Spain.

The document first includes the vaccines overview. On the one hand, replicative vaccines (generally with live attenuated antigens) and non-replicative vaccines (generally with inactivated antigens or vaccines from biotechnological processes). Furthermore, they divide dog and cat vaccines into essential and circumstantial vaccines.

Subsequently, the technical note mentions the protocols to be followed depending on the vaccination status / age of the animal with respect to essential valences, in this case viral ones such as distemper, parvovirosis or feline infectious rhinotracheitis, or leptospirosis, and circumstantial valences such as kennel cough, vector-dependent diseases such as leishmaniasis, and tetanus.

Regarding feline circumstantial valences, they collect guidelines for FeLV, retrovirus responsible for different clinical forms in a cat with viremia, and chlamydiosis.

Finally, they make mention of the rabies vaccine.

To access the complete document you can do it in this link.

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