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JAKARTA – For some people, lightning is a scary thing. Just hearing the roar, some can be terrified. Naturally, because lightning contains a very high and dangerous electric current.

Lightning is an atmospheric phenomenon that appears when it rains heavily. Lightning occurs due to the separation of positive and negative charges in the cloud.Also read: The complexity of the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine for the poor in Africa

But actually lightning has several types. The following are the types of lightning, quoted from a tweet from the National Institute of Aeronautics and Antarctic (LAPAN) account, Friday (13/1/2021).

Petir Cloud-to-Ground (CG)

The first type is lightning which occurs due to the discharge of charge between the cloud and the ground. In the formation of CG lightning, the separation of charges will produce an electric field.

Petir Cloud-to-Cloud (CC)

CC lightning is a type of charge discharge that occurs between charge centers in different clouds (Pandiangan et al., 2010). This type of lightning does not pose a threat to property and life on the ground, but can endanger aviation.Also read: Nissan Makes Cars That Can Be Used to Work While Traveling

Petir Intra-Cloud (IC)

IC lightning is the most common type of lightning. This type of lightning is caused by a discharge between opposite charge centers in the same cloud.

Petir Cloud-to-Air (CA)

Cloud-to-air lightning usually occurs when the positive charge in the cloud interacts with negatively charged air (Pandiangan et al., 2010).



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