Recognize the Symptoms of Lung Cancer, Don’t Ignore Nausea Without a Cause!

Yasinta Rahmawati | Shevinna Putti Anggraeni

Saturday, September 05, 2020 | 19:00 WIB

Illustration of vomiting, nausea. (Pixabay) – Lung cancer which is a type of deadly disease can be caused by many factors. Therefore, a person needs to be aware of the symptoms in order to get immediate medical help.

Symptoms of lung cancer are often seen when it has spread throughout the body. But, you can also be at risk of developing lung cancer if you experience it nausea which is hard to explain.

Some lung cancer patients admit to feeling unusual nausea with no clear cause. They feel like persistent nausea or stomach ache that never goes away.

This feeling is caused by a condition known as hypercalcemia, which is the presence of excess calcium in the blood. About 10 percent of all lung cancer patients develop hypercalcemia.

“In the early stages, lung cancer usually has no symptoms that can be seen or felt. Recently, it often causes coughing, wheezing and chest pain,” explained the expert. Express.

Lung cancer illustration (shutterstock)

However, there are other, lesser-known effects that can arise. One or two out of every 10 people with cancer develop high calcium levels, a condition called hypercalcemia.

When there is too much calcium in the blood, you can experience stomach upset and nausea or constipation. You may not feel like eating and are often thirsty.

“Other hormone-like substances made by some tumors will mess with your kidneys, causing cramps and nausea,” he explained.

However, if you experience nausea, you may not have lung cancer. Nausea can also be associated with other conditions, such as infections, food poisoning and acid reflux.


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