Recognize the Symptoms of Kidney Stone Disease and Current Surgical Treatment


JAKARTA – Beware if you experience low back pain, urinating blood, to a fever and pain when urinating. It could be a symptom staghorn stone. Current surgical techniques offer minimal surgical wounds to destroy staghorn stone.

Staghorn stone atau kidney stone deer antler is one of the kidney stones that looks like an antler, and has branches that are in the renal pelvis up to about two or more renal calix (the innermost part of the kidney in the shape of a funnel) so as to form a picture like a deer antler. The size of this stone depends on the size of the kidney.

Until now, there is still no data on the prevalence of deer antler stones in Indonesia, but according to the 2013 RISKESDAS data, the prevalence of kidney stones in Indonesia is 0.6%. This deer horn stone is very susceptible to patients who have a history of urinary tract descent, gout, urinary tract infections, single kidney, obesity and metabolic syndrome. (Read: Uighur Men Spread Video of Life in the Chinese Detention Camp)

In addition, it is also vulnerable for those who have other diseases such as; hyperparathyroidism (excess hormones produced by the parathyroid gland), polycystic kidney disease, digestive diseases (bowel resection, chronic disease, absorption disorders), and spinal cord abnormalities. The problem is, staghorn stone patients often do not feel any symptoms or complaints. Even if there is often not realized.

“So kidney stones can become large. If the stone is still small, there are complaints, usually going to the doctor and treated immediately before it becomes large, “explained Dr. Ponco Birowo, Sp.U (K), Ph.D in Virtual Media Briefing.

There are several symptoms that need to be watched out for, namely low back pain that arises without being influenced by movement, red urine or blood urine, sandy urine or small stones coming out, and when it is advanced due to infection the patient will feel fever and pain when urinating.

The operation technique to destroy kidney stone deer antler Indonesia can now be done without radiation. The surgical technique performed with this minimal surgical wound is Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL). Where this technique no longer uses x-ray but by ultrasonography (USG) so that the risk of zero radiation exposure and minimizing the related drugs so that relatively save costs.

In this x-ray free PCNL operation, when making access to the kidney, it usually uses a disposable ballon dilator and the price is quite expensive. In contrast, the surgery technique developed by Dr. This Poncho, uses Alken Telecopic Metal Dilator which can be used many times so it is more economical in terms of cost. (Also read: On the Verge of Recession, Misbakhun Proposes Electricity to Installed Cars Paid by the State)

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