Recognize the Six Variants of Herpes Zoster

Jakarta, – The Covid-19 pandemic is not over. However, there are other virus-based diseases that haunt and have the potential to infect human bodies who have been positively infected with the corona. This disease is shingles or shingles or shingles. Smallpox is caused by varicella zoster virus (VZV) which is also the virus that causes chicken pox. According to the CEO of Pramudia Clinic, dr. Anthony Handoko, SpKK, this disease has a number of six variants. These variants are categorized based on the location where the disease occurs in the human body. The first variant is herpes zoster ophthalmicus. This variant appears around the eyes and scalp. While the second variant is herpes zoster oticus, also known as Ramsay-Hunt syndrome. This virus infects the outer or inner ear canal. This variant can cause ringing in the ears (tinnitus) or other hearing loss. Then the third variant is the shingles variant which infects pregnant women. It’s just that the infection in pregnant women is mild and is not a big risk. “Pregnant women are not too heavy and usually have the risk of contacting the fetus rarely because usually the virus does not enter the blood but only stays in the nerve fibers in the skin,” explained Anthony in a Virtual Media Briefing held on Thursday (8/2 / 2021). Then the fourth variant is shingles which infects newborn babies. It’s just that, Anthony said, cases like this are rare. The fifth variant is shingles which occurs in children. This variant is light in nature. “If the child is usually mild or the first appearance is in the form of chicken pox or varicella,” said Anthony. The last variant is herpes zoster which infects immunocompromised groups or people with low immune status. This one variant is heavier and broader. Some groups of people who are susceptible to infection with this virus are people who have HIV, cancer, are in the process of chemotherapy, to people who have had organ transplants (liver and heart). People who are elderly are also classified as immunocompromised. However, Anthony explained that the six variants are basically the same. “This is only a variant. In general, we call all that shingles. ”

Reporter: Yoga Aditya Pratama

Editor: Bernadetta Febriana

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