Recognize the Dangers and How to Detect Cataracts Early


–> – Eye is one of the important sensory organs in the human body. Thanks to the eyes, everyone can see, making it easier to carry out various activities.

So, be grateful to those who are endowed with optimal eye function.

Because of that too, take care health eyes are just as important as maintaining the health of the rest of the body. For example, by checking with an eye doctor regularly to avoid various diseases that harm the eye such as catara.

Common symptoms of cataract is blurred vision, lack of focus when viewing objects at a distance, double vision when viewing objects, seeing colors fade, and being sensitive to light or light.

Most of the cataracts occur due to degenerative processes or increasing age of a person.

The average age for cataracts generally occurs when a person turns 50 years and over. However, cataracts can also occur in young children and babies because the mother was infected with the virus during early pregnancy.

In an effort to reduce the number of blindness or cataracts, all countries annually celebrate World Sight Day (WSD) or World Vision Day which falls every second Thursday in October.

The main purpose of the commemoration of the day is to fulfill the right of every citizen to obtain optimal vision.

With a global initiative movement and strives to eliminate the various causes of blindness and vision problems that occur in society.

“In commemoration of world vision day, we carry out a joint campaign so that young people in particular can maintain their good eyes with a healthy lifestyle,” said Eka Hospital Head of Marketing Corporate & Public Relations, Erwin Suyanto in a statement received by, Thursday (8/10 / 2020).

He also appealed to the public to be aware of cataract eye disease, which can strike anytime and on anyone. One effort that can be done is to always do regular eye checks and as early as possible so that they are detected from cataracts.

“Cataracts are the most common eye disease for parents. However, often parents feel indifferent, underestimated, even afraid to do surgery. Therefore, we invite people to care more about eye health,” he explained.

Furthermore, Erwin added that cataract occurs slowly so that the patient’s vision is gradually disturbed. With a thorough examination, the public can detect cataracts or other eye problems.

“Cataracts can only be treated through surgical procedures, but if the cataract symptoms do not interfere, surgery is not required, simply changing glasses, and sufferers will always maintain a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

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