Reckitt obtains FDA endorsement to enter the US its infant formula from Chihuahua

Mead Johnson, as part of Reckitt, received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to import 150 tons of infant formula from Reckitt’s plant facility in Delicias, Mexico.

Once blended and packaged in the United States, it will produce the equivalent of approximately 6 million 8-ounce servings of PurAmino, an amino acid-based infant formula.

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The initial shipment of PurAmino will occur in August and is expected to be distributed immediately after Reckitt’s quality and safety checks in the United States are completed.

PurAmino Specialty Formula feeds infants and toddlers who cannot digest other types of formula due to an allergy to cow’s milk, multiple food allergies, or gastrointestinal conditions.

The PurAmino formula will be distributed primarily through hospitals and other health care facilities.

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Reckitt’s plant located in Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico, has produced infant formula since 1970. It is a manufacturing hub for Latin America, already exporting products to 15 countries.

Reckitt will ship the PurAmino product, via ground transportation, to its plant located in Zeeland, Michigan, where it will be packaged and distributed through Mead Johnson’s existing distribution network.

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