Recent Study Results, Covid-19 Patients Have Difficulty Living a Normal Life After Recovering Several Months Later

JOURNAL – The results of the latest study show that patients who have recovered from the corona virus infection (Covid-19) find it difficult to return to a normal life, both from a health and financial perspective, for several months afterward.

Reported by The, the results of this study were obtained after a group of researchers from University of Michigan Health System analyze 488 Covid-19 patients who was treated and had been discharged from the hospital.

Researchers surveyed patients recovered two months after they were discharged from the hospital.

The result, researchers found that one third of the patients stated that they still had health problems such as coughing, the condition continued to worsen, and continued to lose the ability to feel and smell.

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Nearly half of the patients stated that they were emotionally affected by the Covid-19 they had suffered. A small proportion also feel that they have psychiatric problems so seek mental health care assistance.

About 36 percent reported having minor financial problems due to being hospitalized. About 40 percent said they lost their jobs or were unable to return to work.

More than 25 percent of recovered patients who returned to work also experienced reduced working hours and a change in responsibilities.

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