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News in plain language on June 1

Negotiations in the coalition on future work are planned for Friday

Tomorrow, the three parties forming the government have scheduled negotiations on the future work after the election of the President.

A meeting of the representatives of “New Unity”, “United List” and the National Union is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon in the Cabinet of Ministers.

The relations between the partners forming the government have become worse.

Disagreements arose with the presidential elections.

Yesterday, the Saeima elected the candidate nominated by the “New Unity”, the long-time Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edgars Rinkēvičas, as the next President.

He was elected with the support of the opposition parties – Green and Farmers’ Union and “Progressive”.

Neither the “United List” nor the National Union voted for Rinkēvičs.

The presidential election may change the composition of the government or even a new government is expected.

Support for Ukrainian refugees is extended until the end of the year

The Saeima today extended support to Ukrainians fleeing the war and staying in Latvia.

Support extended until the end of the year.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, almost 32,000 Ukrainians currently reside in Latvia.

Non-governmental organizations believe that there are more refugees – up to 40,000.

Stoltenberg is confident of a successful Ukrainian counterattack

Ukraine is ready to launch a successful counterattack against Russia.

This was announced today by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

At a press conference in Oslo, Stoltenberg expressed confidence that the Ukrainian forces have the necessary capacity to liberate their occupied land.

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The NATO leader emphasized that NATO should continue to support Ukraine.

NATO foreign ministers met today in an informal meeting in Oslo.

One of the topics of the talks was Ukraine’s admission to NATO.

The EU Council approves the EU’s accession to the Istanbul Convention

The Council of the European Union today approved the accession of the European Union to the Convention on the Prevention of Violence against Women, or the Istanbul Convention.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the European Union’s accession to the convention sends a strong signal of the bloc’s commitment to preventing and punishing violence against women.

The European Parliament already supported the European Union’s accession to the convention on May 10.

Although the European Union had signed the document, it has so far held back on full ratification as some member states refused to do so.

This convention establishes a multilateral legal framework to protect women from all forms of violence, to reduce and eradicate domestic violence.

The Sports Palace in Vilnius, which was closed almost 20 years ago, will be transformed

The Sports Palace in Vilnius, which was closed almost 20 years ago, will not be demolished, but will be transformed into a Jewish memorial.

This was announced today by the director of the National Art Museum of Lithuania, Arūns Gelūns.

A working group led by him will prepare proposals on how to rebuild this place.

The Vilnius Sports Palace was built in Soviet times on a place where Jewish cemeteries were located from the 16th to the 18th century and many personalities important to Jewish culture were buried.

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In 2004, the building was deemed unsafe and closed.

Quadruplets were born in Estonia

On the international day for the protection of children’s rights, which is celebrated today, June 1, quadruplets were born in the East Tallinn Central Hospital.

Three boys and one girl were born in the afternoon and are currently under increased medical supervision.

Premature babies weighed between 1.4 and 1.87 kilograms.

Doctors evaluate their health indicators as good.

The participants of the song festival will be able to ride the trains in Riga for free

In Latvia, the participants of the Song Festival will be able to use railway passenger transportation in the territory of Riga in zones A and B for free during the festival.

This is foreseen by the amendments to the regulations supported by the government today.

In order to receive a discount on the train, participants of the Song Festival will need to present their festival participant identification card.

These reliefs are planned from July 2 to 10.

The song and dance festival will take place in Riga from June 30 to July 9.

Weather forecast

Cloudy weather is expected in Latvia at night, it will clear in the west.

Sometimes it rains in many places.

North, northwest wind 3-8 meters per second.

Air temperature: 1…6 degrees, in places in Kurzeme and in the north of Vidzeme it is 0…-1 degrees frost on the top layer of grass, but the warmest on the sea coast is 6…9 degrees.

Cloudy tomorrow.

Temporary rain in places in the east.

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North, northwest wind 5-10 meters per second, in the western and central regions gusts up to 17 meters per second.

Air temperature: 10…15 degrees.

Cloudy in Riga, it will clear for a while.

Short rain in the first half of the night and in the afternoon.

North, northwest wind 4-9 meters per second, gusting to 16 meters per second in the afternoon.

Air temperature: 6…8 degrees at night, 11…13 degrees tomorrow.

Weather type 2 – favorable.

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