Recent Discovery Reveals Homo Naledi Buried Its Dead and Created Cave Paintings

Nairobi (Kenya) ∙ Researchers have revealed that the Homo Naledi race, which lived 100,000 years before modern humans (Homo sapiens), buried the dead and painted cave paintings. The brain of Homo naledi was only one-third the size of the human brain. Scientists believe the new discovery of these extinct creatures may provide more information about human evolution.

Fossils of Homo naledi were first discovered in a cave in South Africa in 2013. So far 15 fossils have been found. Homo Naledi burial sites predate the earliest human burials by at least 100,000 years. The paintings found in the caves are estimated to be three and a half million years old. Until now, cave paintings were believed to be the work of modern man only.

English Summary : Pre-human beings performed cremation

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2023-06-06 22:29:18

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