Receiving the title of nobility, Rashford wants to invite his mother to meet the queen


Marcus Rashford got the title of nobility from United Kingdom. The 22-year-old player wants to invite his mother to meet Sri Ratu Elizabeth II.

Rashord was given the honorary title of MBE or Member of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Saturday (10/10/2020). Star Manchester United it is considered to have been credited with his heroic actions for British children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past summer, Rashford has been fighting to keep the government from revoking free food stamps for millions of school children in Britain. Not only that, striker England national team This helped create a kind of task force, to help poor people get a supply of food in the midst of economic difficulties due to the Corona virus.

The MBE itself is the lowest level in the United Kingdom Honors. In addition Marcus Rashford, this title has been given to other former top British players such as Steven Gerrard and Ian Wright.

Rashford admitted that he was very proud to get an honorary title from the British Empire. He admitted that he dedicated this MBE title to his mother, Melanie Rashford.

In Rashford’s eyes, his mother inspired him to fight for British children. The MU academy graduate had experienced economic difficulties being a working class child cared for by his mother, a single parent who raised five children.

Therefore, Rashford wanted his mother to accompany him to meet Sri Ratu Elizabeth II during the award ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

“I knew I had to invite my mother and she could not refuse. Then I had to choose one of my relatives to come with me,” Rashford told BBC Sport.

“It all feels a little strange … The people from where we come from have never had anything like this, so we don’t know how to react,” he added.

“This is a proud moment for everyone. I am very honored,” he said Marcus Rashord about the MBE title he received.

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