‘Receh’ Stocks Soared, Earning Money When JCI Drop

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A number of issuer shares with a mini market capitalization value, aka under Rp 200 billion, such as issuers manufacturing and fabrication of heavy equipment components PT Arkha Jayanti Persada Tbk (ARKA), occupy the list of top gainers in today’s trading, Wednesday (15/9/2021).

Meanwhile, stock newcomer issuers engaged in industrial gas PT Surya Biru Murni Acetylene Tbk (SBMA) and property issuers PT DMS Propertindo Tbk (KOTA) became the top losers.

The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) all day sank in the red zone. JCI weakened 0.31% to 6,110,229 at the close of the second trading session on Wednesday (15/9).

According to IDX data, there were 256 stocks up, 255 stocks down and 149 stocks stagnant, with the transaction value reaching Rp 11.56 trillion and trading volume reaching 26.01 billion shares.

Foreign investors from the stock market entered the Indonesian stock exchange with a record foreign net purchases of Rp 363.11 billion in the regular market. Meanwhile, foreigners recorded net sales in the negotiating market and cash market of Rp 268.25 billion.

Here are 5 stocks for today’s session II top gainers and losers (15/9).

Top Gainers

  1. Arkha Jayanti Persada (ARKA), shares +34.00%, to Rp 67, transaction Rp 17.5 M

  2. Megalestari Epack Sentosaraya (EPAC), +34.00%, to Rp 67, transaction Rp 14.0 M

  3. Starlight Field (CBMF), +34.00%, to Rp 67, transaction Rp 7.9 M

  4. Triniti Dynamic (TRUE), +24.30%, to Rp 266, transaction Rp 45.6 M

  5. Djasa Ubersakti (PTDU), +18.18%, to Rp 390, transaction Rp 32.0 M

Top Losers

  1. Solar Blue Pure Acetylene (SBMA), shares -6.80%, to Rp 466, transaction Rp 57.0 M

  2. Allo Bank Indonesia (BBHI), -6.72%, to Rp 3,470, transaction Rp 77.7 M

  3. Weha Transportation Indonesia (WEHA), -6.35%, to Rp 236, transaction Rp 111.3 M

  4. DMS Propertindo (CITY), -6.25%, to Rp 210, transaction Rp 73.3 M

  5. Karya Bersama Anugerah (KBAG), -6.06%, to Rp 62, transaction Rp 95.4 M

According to the data above, there are 4 issuer stocks with mini market caps in the billions of rupiah, namely ARKA, EPAC, CBMF, and PTDU.

ARKA shares led the gains by rising 34.00% to Rp 67/share. This stock suddenly bounced after not moving for more than 5 months. ARKA’s stock last moved on March 30, 2021 when it rose by 2.00% to Rp 51/share, then the day after it fell 1.96% to gocap level aka Rp 50/share.

Second, EPAC shares also jumped 34.00% to Rp 67/share, after falling 1.96% in yesterday’s trading. EPAC shares are also often stagnant or less liquid. In the past month, for example, this stock has been stagnant for 13 trading days.

Third, CBMF’s shares, which are also ‘sleeping’ stocks or rarely active on the stock exchange, soared 34.00% today. In a month this stock stagnated 13 times.

At the opposite pole, SBMA shares finally felt the red zone after 5 days of greening after their debut on Wednesday (8/9) last week.

Today, SBMA’s shares fell to reach the lower auto rejection limit (ARB) of 6.80% to Rp 466/share. Within a week, this stock has flown 92.56%.

For information, SBMA became the 36th issuer on the stock exchange by releasing 278.400,000 shares at a public offering price of Rp 180 per share. Thus, from this IPO, the company received Rp 50.11 billion in funds.

The funds raised from this Public Offering will be used by SBMA to develop the business and increase the company’s production capacity.

In addition to SBMA shares, KOTA shares were also hit by profit-taking with a 6.25% drop. Over the last 2 days, KOTA’s stock has managed to soar high. Despite the decline, in a week KOTA shares rose 19.32%, while in a month it fell 0.94%.


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