Rebecca Koha shares intimate revelations about her relationship with her beloved Moasa – Celebrities – – Entertainment

“The eight-month anniversary of the relationship. They have been sweet and bitter, happy and sad, easy and hard! But in spite of everything, I am always grateful to God for you in my life. Every look, every kiss, every hug makes me forget the bad things and i just enjoy what i have – you!

Maybe it’s only eight months, but for me it’s very special eight months

and of course I wish many more years together. I appreciate every moment I spend with you. No regrets or doubts, just moving forward, growing together! I love you and I will always love you! “- Koha says on Instagram.

We already reported that at the end of August, Koha announced that he had married Ibrahim before Allah.

As a reminder, on July 26, Koha posted an entry in her Instagram account saying that she had converted to Islam.

On August 5, Rebet Koha, a weightlifter, announced the end of her athlete’s career in a video conference attended by Georgian Tikmer, President of the Latvian Olympic Committee (LOC), weightlifting coaches Eduards Andruškevičs and Viktors Šcerbatihs, and Einars Fogelis, Head of the Latvian Olympic Team (LOV).


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