Reasons for Grace Natalie Appoint Giring Ganesha as Acting Chairman of PSI

JAKARTA, – Chairman of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Grace Natalie reveal the reason for pointing Giring Ganesha as the executor of the task (Plt) General Chairman of PSI.

Grace said, Giring, who is known as a musician, is a figure who represents young and creative people. Thus, Giring was considered to be the acting chairman of the party.

“The experience of fighting together in PSI over the last few years into consideration. Bro Giring can also represent a creative young person, “Grace told when confirmed, Monday (17/8/2020).

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Meanwhile, Grace appointed the former vocalist of the band Nidji as the Acting Chairman of PSI because he will continue his studies in Singapore.

Grace will study Masters at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS for one year.

Simultaneously with the appointment of Giring as the acting chairman of PSI, on social media it was also enlivened by photos of Giring which was predicted to be a candidate for President 2024 in many billboards.

However, in response to this, Grace was reluctant to reveal it.

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He said there would be a good time to explain this.

“Be patient. In time it will be explained,” he said.

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