Reasons for different Covid-19 swab test results in different labs

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Your Covid-19 always the most thrilling experience. When finding a ‘positive’ result, there is a sense of resignation mixed with anxiety about the days ahead. However, there are also those who are considering retesting to get the second option the next day in a different place.

What happens a lot is that they get different results. You must be dizzy if you get different results from one lab to another.

Seeing so many people doing this, Erlang Samoedro, a pulmonologist, says you can’t compare results between two different labs or hospitals.

You can compare the results of the Covid-19 test. However, the test should be carried out at the same laboratory or service provider for the Covid test.

“Do not [tes di laboratorium berbeda] later the results will be different. If you want to compare the results [lakukan tes di] same laboratory,” Erlang said via text message to, Monday (19/7).

The same thing was conveyed by Ida Ayu Putri Susanti, Head of the Laboratory Unit Mayapada Hospital Kuningan.

“In that case (the swab test was repeated the next day and in a different lab), it couldn’t be compared,” he told

“The PCR results cannot be compared with other hospitals, why is it because we don’t know what tools and reagents are used.”

He added that the difference in swab results in different labs after different days was also due to the swab technique which may be different for each lab. In addition, the actual lag of the day will also greatly affect the results.

“Again, the swab technique is correct or not when it touches the person’s naso.

“Every day a person’s condition will change logically depending on a person’s immune system. Just a different hour can have different actual results.”

Can you retest?

Both Erlang and Ida Ayu both emphasized not to compare test results in two different labs on different days.

“Suggestion if you want compare (if you want to test in a different lab), it should be (done) on the same day,” said Ida Ayu.

On the other hand, if you intend to re-test at the same hospital or lab, Erlang suggests giving a break of 24 hours.

If the test results are the same, you can feel confident about the correctness of your body condition. Then if the results are different, Erlang said that you are okay to do the third test.

According to Erlang, the different test results could be due to not all sampling locations having the same germ density. You need to consult a health professional to see the clinical condition or symptoms experienced.

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